controlled sling release
for crane operated construction sites
fast and secure

Genuine – SINCE 2009


Can lift up to 2000 lb


Can lift up to 4000 lb


Can lift up to 8000 lb

Our offer includes
an excellent after-sales
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No more need for on-site employees risking unstable movements on a steel structure while trying to unhook the crane’s slings. The remote controlled sling release ensures maximum security while allowing the crane operator to unhook by remote control therefore, eliminating all-risks of falling and injury. Since 2009, the use of DLR is strongly recommended  for jobs on crane operated sites.


User-friendly, the DLR allows contractors to save time on every haul. Manually detaching the sling can take several minutes. By the end of the day, these minutes turn into hours. The remote controlled sling release can help you save precious and costly time.


Thanks to the DLR’s speed and simplicity, contractors automatically increase cost- effectiveness. Investing in a DLR is indisputably a short, medium and long term profit. An innovative, wise and lasting choice.

New! Higher performance electronic system.


  • Solid and durable steel case
  • Wide range remote control with the best R.F. technology
  • High quality and appropriate grade mechanism parts
  • Weight : DLR 2000 36 lb, DLR 4000 50 lb, DLR 8000 66 lb
  • Wear and tear, distance, temperature and reliability tests carried out during 1 year, all year round
  • Each unit is approved and certified by our engineers

*We recommend annual inspections of the DLR unit either by the manufacturer or authorized technician.


With the transportation kit,
the DLR is easy and secure to carry.

The kit includes :

  • DLR
  • Remote control
  • Charger
  • Transport case
  • Engineering drawings
  • Spare battery


Ingenuity, safer job sites and high quality manufacturing has distinguished the DLR throughout the years. With this in mind, in 2009 and 2010, Soudures St. Denis received the CSST regional and provincial innovation award.

The DLR is a reliable, secure and economical crane equipment part tested by the construction industry and CSST Commission.

DLR is a Canadian, registered brand.

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About us


In 2007, Benoit Rouleau, inventor of the DLR, got the idea to create this device as the CSST Commission increasingly continued to oppose, with reason, dangerous work methods practiced by structural steel workers. Mr. Rouleau then thought of an electronic release remote control that could replace manual labour and at the same time provide a safer work place.

Mr. Rouleau worked non stop nights and week-ends. After a full year of research and 4 prototypes later, the DLR was unveiled. Even though the DLR is completed and highly reliable, Mr. Rouleau continues to improve the DLR’s performance as well as customer satisfaction.

Benoit Rouleau

Les Soudures St-Denis’ teammate since 1998

  • Structural steel erector for M.E. inc since 1988
  • Inventor and designer of the DLR in 2009
  • Unit repair and inspection technician
France Waite

Accounting and Soudures St-Denis teammate since 2006.

  • DLR sales representative since 2009
  • After-sales service advisor
  • Information contact person
Réal Côté

President and founder of Les Soudures St-Denis since 1976.

  • Steel structure fabricator and lifting device specialist
  • President and founder of M.E. 2000 since 1997 structural steel  fitter erector R&D financial collaborator in developing the DLR
  • Proud of his innovating team!
Dany Côté

Production manager at Soudures St-Denis since 1993.

  • In charge of  mechanical drawings department
  • Design DLR drawings and layouts.
  • In charge of starting DLR into production at our plant.



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